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Madison Curtis-Gumbert

I am a Two time overall Cinderella International winner and a Three time Arizona State Cinderella winner.  After competing in Cinderella, I moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue my entertainment career.  I was fortunate to work on shows such as Disney’s “Kickin it”, Showtime’s “Shameless”, danced on “X-Factor” and hosted “KAR TV”.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in News Media from The University of Alabama and currently completing my Masters Degree.  I have worked as a podcast host on the Playback Podcast as well as a social media coordinator for Kids Artistic Revue, Rainbow, Ultra and the Industry Dance Awards. When I am not traveling the United States for Madison Curtis Coaching you can find me Co-Directing the Michigan Cinderella Scholarship Pageant. 

Dana Curtis

I am so excited to be the Co-Director for the Michigan Cinderella Scholarship Pageant alongside my daughter, Madison. Our family has been involved with the International Cinderella Scholarship Pageant for over 22 years. I was a Cinderella Pageant Director in Maricopa County for seven years and have judged Cinderella State finals throughout the United States as well as the Cinderella International
Finals.  I am also the Co-Founder and former Director for the Arizona Spirit
Association. I have been in the spirit industry as a team member, coach,
business, and vendor for over 35 years. I have also served as the
Spiritline Board Representative for the Arizona Coaches Association. I have judged around the United States for companies such as USA, Spirit Club
International, Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders, Americas Best, GSSA,
and has been a National Federation Certified Technical Judge as well as
AACCA Certified.
My husband Dean and I  are also proud parents of Joshua and Jacob.
Joshua is now “Dr. Joshua” and is practicing sports medicine in Kalamzoo,
Michigan and married to his beautiful wife Brittany. Jacob is a graduate from
the University of Hawaii and is a sales representative for Van Eerden
Foodservice and married to his beautiful wife Stephanie.
I graduated from Northern Arizona University and hold a bachelor’s
degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. Our family is happy to
call Michigan  home now for over 5 years.